May 4


Does WordPress Support 360 Degree Videos?

By Ravi Jayagopal

May 4, 2022

WordPress doesn't natively support 360 videos. But if you use a plugin like S3MediaVault, you can securely embed 360 degree videos in your membership site or online course.

Check out this demo at

S3MediaVault is the first and only WordPress Plugin to support Standard 360 Degree videos360 Cube Map360 TB Equirectangular, 360 Equi-Angular Cubemap (EAC), and 180 Degree videos that are Secure, with support for S3 and CloudFront.

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I'm a Business Coach, 8-time Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Entrepreneur, WordPress Developer, Digital Marketer, and also an Amateur Ventriloquist :-) You can read more about me at :-)

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